Sinugba, Atbp

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Sinugba, atbp. Salitran, Dasmarinas Cavite


SINUGBA : Grilled

I seldom recommend places to eat unless I am accurate and confident that it’s worth sharing or it’s worth someone else’s time/money to try. I hate being accused of having poor judgment  so as much as possible, I am very careful of my definition of “delicious”. And right now, I can say, Sinugba, Atbp is an additional to my too-good-not-to-share list because of it’s BBQ chicken, atbp.

The restaurant interior isn’t impressive, the air-conditioned room is poorly lit,  though  the sound system is quite imposing, the  rustic ambiance makes the place look cheap without even trying. They even failed in the art of food plating and the food looks unappetising! My mom was skeptic, too, “MASARAP BA FOOD DITO?“. It took me 15 minutes to reply because only after the food was served I realised, my opinion of the place was just so irrelevant. At the 1st bite on the grilled “pecho“, the crispy and tasty chicken skin  just turned my world upside down. The meat was tender and juicy. It was perfectly cooked. And just before I was able to recover on the first blow,  there’s the grilled chicken ass and gizzard, Pinakbet, Pork sinigang (tastes like sinampalukan because of ginger), Grilled Tuna, SISIG and Pork BBQ all ganged up against me and threatened my future diet plans.  The food they serve speaks a lot about balance and harmony of flavours. They may look unadorened, casual, inelaborate, but believe me when I say they are all satisfying. It was quite an experience.

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Pecho, P85.00

Some says when one is starving, everything is permissible.  But for me, only when the food tastes good every other things become forgivable. 👍🏻