Project Adams Year 2

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This PGH project started out a year ago. But the charity project has been an ongoing personal event of my cousin, Ryan, since 2014. He does it, yearly. Yes. Such a big heart!

This charity event started last March 2014 by giving out 100 pcs of hamburgers to random street children of Metro Manila. I drove early morning; pass through the roads of Metro Manila to find street children who normally just knocks on car windows or sells Sampaguita. Every kid encountered was given a hamburger (Angel’s Burger) and asked for just a smile in return.  
Last March 2015, the concept is still the same, but this time, I made some changes by giving out McDonalds Happy Meal, which included a burger, a toy and a drink. It is fun to see those kids embracing the red box of Happy Meal that appears to be a very precious thing that needs to be secured. It was a very tiring and, to be honest, a stressful day; especially from getting by with Manila traffic and running away from a teenage group of street children that is about to mob us. But at the end of the day, the feeling was very great, a sense of light, peace and accomplishment. 
This year, I am going to revamp the event and focus on a certain place where an hour of happiness would be very important, especially when life is timed.

You know, it takes a real man to feel compassion for others because it takes a lot of courage to show your heart to anyone.That’s why I didn’t think twice to reach out and play my part.Kudos to cousin for making me do something worth doin.   I told myself, ” You don’t doubt something as beautiful and as inspiring as this”. This is something you have to do in a life time and get on doing. Do you remember when they say, it pays off to be nice? This is one of the best example of doing a favour and getting something in return. Yes it may sound self serving but  when i say I’m gonna get something out of it, this something is a thing money cannot buy.

So, March 18 Last year, together with friends and relatives, I joined him to support this cause. It was a very humbling experience. From soliciting help from generous friends who didn’t think twice to share a blessing,  up to the day of the event when we came face to face with the kids. There was a mix of sadness, joy, hope and a lot of unexplainable emotions during the event. Nevertheless, it was awakening and moving. The courage you see in the kids and parents alike, makes you realise that life, no matter what it unfolds, has to go on. And that you have to fight everyday full gear, so equipped when you’re in your deathbed, you can proudly say, “I have lived life to the fullest.” I didn’t see fear, but hope. I didn’t see grief, but acceptance. I was a bit ashamed of myself for times I blamed every possible person I could think of for my failure, for times I wanted to feel like ending my life because I felt worthless and undeserving. How could I easily think of surrendering a lifetime when there are kids fighting even for just another day. Life isn’t fair, yes. But it opens a lot of  opportunities disguising as challenges  to teach us how to  overcome not death, but our fears and fear of our own limitation.

I’m a mom of 4. And my biggest fear is to see my kids suffering. So I couldn’t imagine the pain and heartache it takes for a parent to go thru something as heartbreaking and as challenging as this. And I salute them for being their strength. Hardcore! Everyday is like they’re set to fight in a battlefield. ANd On a situation like this, no amount of money can compensate the suffering. But being there, as a group support, making them feel that they’re not alone and that there are people like us who care for them and think of them, who can spend time for prayers for additional strength and hope, or additional days to live, that matters a lot to them.  It makes them believe in happiness and that it exists despite sickness. It made me see how happy real happiness is.

And so I made a promise to do this again. This year, we will go back again to PGH for these kids. I hope you’ll join us again.

You can be a blessing, too and be blessed by sharing.

You can send cash donations to cover the expenses for the event ( we will have games and activities for kids), or food, or toys, or books and crayons/pencil, blankets for kids. Or you can volunteer and join us on the Event.

For cash donations:

Name: Ryanell M. Laciste 
Bank of Philippine Island
Ayala makati branch
  SA# 1909 0267 99

or my personal account,

Analyn V. Avenir
BPI FAMILY SA# 5056469496
PSBANK SA# 221-36100390-4
Kindly send me the copy of receipt together with your name at


For other donations aside cash, we can schedule to pick it up for you.

Details of the Event: (Basically, it will be similar like last year but this time, instead of 70kids, we’ll be having 150pax, parents/guardian included. )

Target Date: March 24, 2017
Place: PGH Pedia Onco Ward

Event Name: Maligayang Araw ng mga bata (A celebration of happiness for the 150 (approx.) patients of Pedia Onco ward.) 
Description: The pediaonco ward patients are kids who are diagnosed of cancer. Most, if not all, have limited time left. Giving them a day (or half day) of happiness is probably the best thing that they would receive. The event is very similar to a children’s birthday party where there will be food, games, mascot, prizes and loot bags.
1. Our team, the volunteers, will be there in PGH Pedia Onco ward and will host the event.
2. An Emcee shall be assigned to manage the whole program.
3. If we are lucky, I am planning to invite a priest who will give an opening prayer and a small talk about life and death.
4. We will execute a game for the kids. This could be a question and answer game in a fun way. Prizes will be given.
5. We will serve food and drinks for the kids and for the parent/guardian.
6. While everyone is eating, an acoustic guitar performance will commence.
7. Once everyone is done with his or her meal, there will be a magic show or puppet show (whichever is available).
8. After the magic show, we will also have a mascot appearance
9. Each kid will have their chance to take a picture with the mascot, the picture will be printed and will be given back to the kids.
10. After the mascot appearance, and depends on the budget, we will have a raffle draw for the kids.
11. Before wrapping up the event, a cake will be blown. I believe this part is enjoyed by every kid in a birthday party.
12. We will hand over lootbags to each of the kids. The lootbags contain a lego toy (preferably/must be Emett from the lego movie) crayons, coloring book, pad paper, pencil and sharpener.
13. Then we will have our last speech to close the event and perhaps picture taking with all of the patients in the ward.
After event:
• Due to no pay-out, token or any act of appreciations allotted for all volunteers, no after party should be expected unless everyone is willing to share out.
• In any case there will be some extra cash gathered from donations after the event, it will be donated to the Pediaonco ward, for the kids’ necessities such as medicine, toiletries, machine, etc.


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