Morning with Four

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All our household help are off for a vacation. Every year, they get to take a month off to spend time with their family. It was challenging on the first year but we eventually managed  and made use of the time to bond with the kids in a very economical-productive manner. It gets easier year after year as the kids are gettin big and more reliable to do their assign chores. I’m taking advantage of this time to teach kids how to fry eggs or hotdogs for their snacks, wash the dishes, water the plants, sweep the floor,  etc. No, this isn’t child labor. This is parenting 101, teaching  them responsibilities and exposing them to reality, that besides minecraft and social media, there are dirty laundry and messy floor that need our attention. 

So before we get too busy with house errands today, i decided to give them a little “push” and motivation. And when I say motivation, kids spell it M-C-D-O! 
So we went to the nearest MCDO along Molino Road. 

Ash and Dodoy at the counter. Still a bit sleepy but determined, haha! 

6am and we’re ready to fill up the tank with Mcdo goodness. Will these be enough to make them clean the backyard? Hmm. 

The best thing about breakfast isn’t just the butter on every pancakes, or creamer on my coffee but the smiles on the faces I see every morning. 

I think, McDO spell is working, everyone is energetic already! 

Sandoy is extra happy! 

“Mommy, I’m ready to burn some fats! ”

Energized, and we were off to home for the real deal; General Cleaning! Sorry, No pics after this, mommy’s gonna clean the toilet bowl! 

Have a blessed Holy Week! 

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