The Essence of Scrub, Oils and Salts.


Body scrub is one of my “can’t live without products” because I believe exfoliation should be a part of every skincare regimen, thank you Ladies and Gentlemen! Haha! Parang Ms Universe!

So why do we need to body scrub? Here are some reasons;

•to unclog pores

•to promote healthy, speedy turnover of skin cells

•to balance our skin’s oil production

•to purify the pores of toxins and dirt

•to smoothen the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells to allow the skin underneath

•to become hydrated and rejuvenated

Maybe some of you will tell me okay na ko sa hilod. Bato is real! 😜 or, masaya na ko sa facetowel or loofa. I cannot contradict that. If that can make you happy, so be it. I do not impose my belief, but I love sharing it. If I got u convinced or atleast inpired by that random madness, then let’s party! Char!! We can make life less complicated only if we start letting go of things that worry us. Like Libag! Or dead skin cells. Toxins. Ano pba?! Yung mga nagsasakatawang ampalaya na kapitbahay mo, scrub mo din asin!!! Tanggal pait!

Background: I used to buy body scrub from Jericho that costs USD65 per 18oz tub, that’s roughly around 3500Php. I body scrub once a week And the tub lasts for 2months, shorter if nappraning ako and nakaka 2x a week ako (Do not do this at home). Yung iba once a month ginagawa, ako once a week pero hindi masyado madiin para di nmn maubos balat ko kahit pa may kakapalan ito! ✌🏻 Dami ko na na try na body scrub actually. Lagi di nauubos kasi nadidisappoint ako afterwards. Sa Spa, tinatanong ko tlaga kung ano ingredients bukod sa salt or coffee grains na ikukuskos sa balat kong kung mag inarte akala mo anak ng may 50 franchise ng Jollibee! Haha! Seriously, pagdating sa products, do not settle for less. But it doesn’t follow you’ll go after the price. Not all expensive are good. In tagalog, hindi lahat ng pagmamahal ay nakakabuti! Charoooot. Ang dami kong fillers! 😜 So yun nga, Jericho lang un salt scrub na hiyang sa skin ko. Malambot sa skin, mabango, at hindi makati. I have been recommending it to friends and even my sister became an avid fan right after her first use. Itinakas pa nga yung tub ko pauwi sa Jafan! Tapos di na nahiya, padalhan ko daw sya kasi ubos na! Kailangan talaga ng scrub, ang kafal! Haha! Labyu teh!!!

4 months ago, when I was buying a new tub, I was told about the price increase that will go up to heaping 100USD this coming December. I was shooked! Wow millennial lang! 5000 pesos for salt scrub is too much for me. I dont deserve it hahaha! Sabi ni ateng bantay sa Jericho sa ATC na nakikipag tagisan ng ganda sa Kasama nya, “maam bumili ka ng madami habang mura pa!” Oh no! Hindi kasama sa budget yan! Pero dahil malakas ang convincing power ni ateng nakikipag tagisan pa din ng ganda sa kasama nya, I ended up buying 4 tubs that will last until I can hahaha! Tig 2 kami ng eldest daughter ko, Niks. Kailangan unti untiin. Ang hirap, nun ah! Parang titikim ka lang. So naiimagine ko parang kailangan, once in 2 months lang ako mag scrub. Ayawwwww! Pero dahil limited ang budget. Umuwi akong 4 lang ang bitbit dahil apat dapat, dapat apat. That was 4 months ago.


A month ago, while desperately looking for alternative cure for my sinusitis-rhinitis, I found myself reading about the fantastic Essential Oils and where to find them. Haha! Harry Potter talaga peg nito, Magical! I was intrigued by the things I read, then finally convinced to buy my 1st set of premium kit from YoungLiving. I registered as a member, joined groups in FB and days after, I received my box. I will blog about the use and benefits and sample recipes of the oils included in the kit on my next blog. Promise!

For now let me share that I have made blends for my mom’s arthritis, which was amazingly effective (according to her), balms for pain relief; when kids catch cold, I just diffuse few drops from the oil diffuser I got from the said kit. Not only that, I also have ditched products like deodorant and nasal spray. From friend I names of suppliers for raw materials like beeswax, argan oil, raw shea-butter. From there I started making and blending and concocting potions like mad witch that I already am. Hihihi! I have fewer Rhinitis attacks, headaches gone in minutes, pimples dried out. I started making my own soap and moisturizer, pain balm, massage oil. Basically It’s like I am making a company producing organic products hehe making sure that what we use topically and orally are from raw products only and with drops of essential oils. Since then we haven’t opened our medicine cabinet. Meds like Diatabs, Ambroxol, Decolgen and Ibuprofen are remained untouched.

Going back to scrub topic, My Jericho body scrub is nearing its end. It looks like it’s on its deathbed already, begging me to buy another one from ate na nakikipagtagisan talaga sa ksama nya sa store. Next week, RIP na sya, hindi si Ate, kundi yung salt scrub. I normally buy a month before maubos para hindi ko nalilimutan pero not this time. Hindi na ko na tetense na baka hindi available yung gusto kong variant. Kasi…


I HAVE MADE MY OWN HIMALAYAN BODY SCRUB! I am proud of this because I made it! Yey to self love! And self confidence! Haha! This is My own recipe/protocol. This is not only more economical, but personalized. More than proud, I feel happy that I was able to create something that my own skin loves. Walang kati. Walang inflammation. Masarap parang gusto ko lunukin. Charot! I used Himalayan Sea Salt because it’s the next good salt available beside Epsom. Epsom and Himalayan lang available sa supplier ko. Soon daw! 🙏🏻 Okay din naman kasi Himalayan salt health benefits is as intense as Sea Salt’s as per Google, though we cannot deny the fact that Sea Salt has more minerals that are more beneficial to our skin and body. Dead sea salt is the prime ingredient in Jericho’s scrub. Kaya maganda eh. Kaso nga sobrang mahal. It was from Israel. Himalayan Salt are from Pakistan naman.


Himalayan VS Dead Sea Salt. Though Himalayan salt’s magnesium content (Magnesium helps promote cell metabolism, speeds up healing of skin tissue, soothes damaged skin, protects skin from microbes that cause allergies) is lower than Dead Sea salt’s, it has higher Sodium content that makes it effective to use as body scrub or salt bath. Sodium cleanses skin, relieves stiff & sore muscles, fights off skin cell degenerating free radicals, exfoliates dead cells, and detoxifies skin. Some of you might ask, Why not Epsom Salt Or Sugar? Sugar has lighter texture and is best for lips and facial scrub. Mas gusto ko un edgy texture ng Himalayan salt. And nalalagkitan ako sa sugar. Ayoko masyado sweet. Yung masyadong clingy. 😜

As per Google again, Natural attributes that comes from being a salt includes anti microbial, anti fungal and anti bacterial. Epsom salt is not a salt. It is but a pure mineral compound found in water containing high levels of magnesium and sulfate. This mineral resembles the crystalline structure of table salt hence it was called, salt err magnesium-based salt to be more accurate. Though it is high in magnesium like Dead sea Salt, i’d like to use it more as bath salt or for foot soak rather than body scrub.

PHILOSOAPHY I made a soap (goatmilk+peppermint-greentea) before I made this scrub. And I’ve tried using the soap after this scrub. Amoy SPA yung bathroom. And ang sarap ng pakiramdam. This body scrub smells like heaven. Very relaxing and is very uplifting. Then susundan ng power ng peppermint, I am energized! Parang sa exercise, di pwedeng routine agad, kailangan may stretching. Dapat hindi lang skin benefits ang hahanapin mo sa products. Hindi lang ang skin ang bubusugin mo kundi yung emotion and mental state mo din. Dahil dba nga, true beauty comes from within. Yan ang philosoaphy!

I used Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oil because these two are very powerful for the skin. And, for the emotions too. Essential Oils as we all know have been used for thousand of years for their therapeutic and healing properties. They’re sourced from leaves, stems or roots of plants that have high health benefits. The crisp, earthy, woody aroma was not from a fragrant oil but from 100% Pure, therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. It has no Fragrance oil. Synthetic oils like fragrance oil only mimics the scent but not the benefits of EO. Because of this essential oils, this scrub does not only kill germs, it also helps relieve pain, fatigue, inflammation and most of all, it enhances one’s emotional state. Yung tipong nasa shower ka palang, ang saya saya mo na. Ang positive ng feeling. Tpos feeling mo ang ganda mo agad di ka pa nga nakakapag shampoo! Lols!

This isn’t for sale. But I can make you one if you like. Bayaran nyo lang. hahaha!

Ang dami ko na nman hanash. I’m diffusing Lemon essential oil from Young Living while doing this.

If you’re interested in joining the growing number of Young Living users, let me know. 🙂