It’s just my face

I was asked by a friend, “are you always that bitchy?” And I was like, “what are you talking about?” She answered, “Your face! You look so Maldita!”

I was actually not surprised by the question cause I often get a lot of the same comments about how intimidating or scary I look when I don’t smile or pout or when I am on my BRF or bitch resting face. If I am accurate with my own self analysis (lols), I am actually a nice, sweet and accommodating person. And If I look vaguely annoyed, maybe a little judgy, or slightly bored, don’t panic. That’s just my face.

So pls don’t be bothered when you see this BRF or “bitchy resting face” while we talk cause it doesn’t mean anything at all. Really! If you got me annoyed, you won’t see it on my face because I won’t even look at you or I’ll walk out in the middle of conversation and will never talk to you again. Ever.

If you wanna start a conversation with me and you’re scared you might piss me off, here’s some friendly advice;

1. Just don’t act stupid.

2. Or don’t be one when you wanna talk to me.

3. As long as I can tolerate you, we’re fine. 4. If I cannot anymore, I will try to have valid and solid excuse to cut the convo short. I don’t prolong agony and we don’t want that to happen.

5. I will try to listen to your rants and will try my best to understand your helplessness. If you can’t be helped, I will try to sing. So you’ll have your reason to leave.

6. I can never understand stupidity.

7. And pls don’t lie on my face or make up stories as if I’m stupid too not to notice the inconsistencies.

8. Just be yourself.

9. Don’t try to impress me cause i don’t give random compliments.

10. So don’t expect me kissing your ass, too.

11. If I say good things about you, I mean it. Though sometimes I say it with a poker face. And most of the times with my BRF. 12. Again, DON’T PANIC!

It’s just my face.