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My March ER (essential reward) from Young Living arrived a week ago. Every month, it feels like it’s Christmas with these YL boxes and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. The joy and excitement from opening the box that smells so good is addictive. I sometimes wonder if the mail guy have once tried sniffing the boxes he delivered. Because I could have done that, If I were him. *insert devious smile*

March Essential Rewards. 

My box has Blue Tansy Essential Oil – 5ml $94.75, Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) – 15 ml $26.75, Melaleuca Quinquenervia Essential Oil – 15ml $32.25 And for reaching a 100pv on my ER, I got a Lemon Vitality™ at 5ml for free.

Among the 3 oils I ordered, Blue Tansy is the newbie on my stash. It has been out of the catalogue for years because of harvest issues. Valor, a blend that has Blue Tansy as the main oil is also back in the game just recently. That’s how YL works with their products. They do not tweak the existing formula just to deliver, no substitution of Essential oil just to fulfil orders. They wait for the right time to harvest. They even put purchase limit to some of the Essential Oils. Hence, the “Seed to Seal” promise. Their rock solid tests and quality controls ensure their commitment for the best product. If they are out of an ingredient in a blend, Young Living isn’t going to ship  some second rate altered products just to sell. Instead, they explain why the product won’t be or isn’t available, then they give out options (PV assistant). They teach you patience and intelligent decision making. They’re like a family who provide immediate support after throwing you the truth that inevitably hurts. That’s what real commitment is. That’s what Young Living is.

Bluer than blue 

So what is Blue Tansy or also known as the Moroccan Chamomile? Why it is tagged as one of the luxurious oils and one of the coveted oils among beauty products company? Blue Tansy is an annual yellow-flowered Mediterranean plant found in northern Morocco. It is a rare botanical in the chamomile family. It has a captivating scent that is sweet, fresh and calming, similar to German Chamomile. But I love Blue Tansy’s herbaceous aroma more as I find it warmer, lighter and more blissful to my senses. It has a beautiful rich blue hue because of Chamazulene, which is also responsible why it has good skin soothing properties. It also has Sabinene that helps skin blemishes fade quickly. Aside from the help it provides for troubled skin, may it be contact or allergic dermatitis, it also gives unmatched relief for people suffering from seasonal allergies.


Blue tansy is an expensive oil but the impressive range of benefits makes it worth the spending. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, febrifufe and expectorant. ** It also has natural anti-histamine properties. I tried putting 2 drops on my La Mer moisturizer for the blemishes I got from my recent breakouts. The color, the scent, plus the skin health benefits, it’s a perfect add on. It’s actually a 2 in one oil for me, because while it helps moisturise and soothes my sensitive skin, it acts as my decongestant too.


One drop is potent enough but it is always up to you whether to add few more. But pls do remember do not overdo it and always dillute accordingly specially when applying on your face. Follow proper dilution guide. This isn’t just being wise and practical as every drop counts but I’m sure you don’t wanna look like Smurfette when you go outside your house, do you?

Here are few blends we have tried with Blue Tansy and we got amazing results overnight.

Midnight Blue

This is for my Mom’s Rheumatoid Arthritis and Insomia. Aside from insomia, leg cramps give her sleepless nights.

Master Blend on a 5ml bottle.

  • 10d Blue Tansy
  • 20d YlangYlang
  • 20d Melissa
  • 10d Frank
  • 20d Rosemary
  • 10d Copaiba
  • 10 Rutavala

Topical: 4% dilution with cayenne pepper oil every night before she sleeps. She massage this to her legs down to bottom of her feet.

Blu-emish away

I sent a roller blend for a friend’s teen daughter who suffered from severe acne problem. The breakout has already stopped and what she needs is for the blemishes to fade. This should be applied on the blemish spot only and not on the whole face.

5ml roller bottle

  • 1d Blue Tansy
  • 2d Helichrysum
  • 1d Carrot seed
  • 2d Lavender
  • 1d Frankincense
  • Rosehip oil
If you’re interested to join Young Living, I would be happy to help you guide with your enrolment. Just send me an email or if you already have researched about it and wanna go ahead with enrolment, click LET ME IN

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