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Happy Halloween!

It’s November now and by that, we mean, Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re starting to plan what to gift on Christmas, dolls should be on your list. I will try to post suggestions soon, maybe top 10 of most popular dolls?! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Speaking of which,

Do you know that listing for the new Bratz collection is up now for pre orders? I heard, pre-order is available for Amazon US only and the rest of the world will wait till December but I hope that’s not true. I have a lot of friends, waiting.. dying to get them. Though some are disappointed since the big reveal, many fans are still willing to throw $250 away for the whole collection. I think as true Bratz passionates, that’s kinda expected, I just hope it’s all worth it.

TBH, been also waiting for months for Bratz, I even followed Hayden Williams on IG just to get updated and I’ve been raving about my excitement on FB and on my IG account (@collectioniana) religiously. I’ve been waiting for this day to come that pre order button comes live on Amazon.

But got a few hold back when I saw the prototypes posted on IG, made me think twice if I’m willing to spend that huge amount of money on 1 sitting. It’s not just about how the dolls were designed, I honestly love them, I just realized, No, I won’t spend that much. $250, darn’t! I was planning to just gonna pick between Yasmin and Shasha. And Yasmin won. Though $50 is somewhat pricy for her look but Yasmin has been a long time fave, I live for her like how I can die for Spectra of Monster High. $50 is a deal. Not in anyway will spend more than that since I’m also into completing L.O.L. Series 4.

But things changed when while browsing the net, I stumbled upon @omochacrush, a doll collector on Youtube and saw her review of Wilhelmina, the Pullip witch. Felt like I was under a spell and my passion for fashion has gone abracadabra. So sudden I just found myself getting a Pullip doll. Ordered. Paid $150 And Tadaaaaa, I have now my first Pullip doll right in front of me. No Questions Asked. Whoosh! Now, I don’t know If I still like to order Yasmin! Maybe. Not. Hello over budget! Haha! I still want to. But my heart says save the money for other dolls from Mansion of Immortal like Isul Vermelho, Dal Lyla & Taeyang Valko as well as Pullip Elisabeth & Pullip Carmilla.

I think I’m bewitched! And I kinda liked it. No sense of regrets, no guilt, just pure joy and excitement . 🤩

Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
Wilhelmina’s costume is a black maxi dress with red accent and a witch’s hat with a red ribbon and chain link print
Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
She has dark green eyechips and her mixed brown and red hair accentuates her bewitching quality.  She has an almost grey undertone to her skin.

Yes, dollies. It must be told, my Pullip/Blythe collection has just started. Bye Bratz, Hello Pullip. Monster High can wait.

So, here, Meet Wilhelmina. She’s a witch from the Mansion of the Immortal series released in June, 2013. 🖤🖤🖤

Why witch for a doll?! Hmmm

My witchcraft obsession must have come from somewhere, I really cannot explain but the doll craze, some says we, doll collectors do it to help fill in some emotional void within. It maybe true because I find collecting very theraupetic but not as theraupetic as my essential oils so why would I resort to getting theraphy from dolls when YL EO can do it better?! Hmmmm. A fixation perhaps?! Hello, Freud!

I just love collecting things. When I was younger, I love collecting chocolate/candy wrappers and stationaries. I kept them in a box according to their colors. I also used to have a collection of hankies I organized by prints; all florals, all checkered folded separately. I find an impalpable gratification in arranging things in same colors or sizes or shape. OCD much? Probably!

Processed with VSCO with l5 preset
Wilhelmina’s costume is a black maxi dress with red accent and a witch’s hat with a red ribbon and chain link print


I like to believe I am a sentimental person. And the type of person who just love to be constantly surrounded by beautiful things to keep my aesthetic sensibilities intact. I believe that if we’re surrounded by ugliness, we may have trouble noticing things that are genuinely beautiful or in some other way aesthetically rewarding. Nakaka negative di ba kapag puro bad news, and bad people nakapaligid sa ‘yo?! I can’t let my spirits be beaten down by ugliness. Haha! Ganda ka te?! All I am saying is, if the things you love makes you a better person, makes you happy and makes you attuned to your philosophies, why stop doing it?! Hinahanapan ko tlaga ng justification yung collection ko no?! Hahahaha! Basta maiconnect, Bakalajan

So, First line of business after unboxing was photoshoot. I was planning to wait till I  have a DIY witch house for her but I couldn’t wait to see her up close, and personal. I just drove down south for this forest backdrop so I could at least give justice to her bewitching outfit.



One co-collector asked me why I chose Pullip and not Blythe. She told me, she can connect more with Blythe dolls and maybe she thinks I would too. I don’t know yet, but at the moment, I am overjoyed with how Wilhelmina is. I already feel the connection. It is so strong, I have 3 more Pullips coming…soon!



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