Steak it, steak it!

Steaks are one of the easiest to cook but are expensive at restaurants, hence I have realized it is very unwise to pay that premium when I can make it at home in just less than 15mins and in cheaper price.
Here’s how:
1. Make sure your steaks are dry.
Parang love life na walang kalatoy latoy.  Best to paper towel dry it, tap tap mo lang para ma sure mo dahil insan akala mo wala na, pero meron pa pala.
2. Season it with your favorite dried herbs
(mine is mix of sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary), add with spanish paprika and ground peppercorn or kung wala ka naman herbs, just salt and pepper while heating the skillet. Mga momshies, don’t marinate your steak. Que horror!
3. Always best to season them with salt seconds before searing or grilling.
Why? Basta secret. Charot! Sabi kasi seasoning the steaks with salt earlier than right before you cook it draws out the moisture and makes the outside of the meat wet. We don’t want the steak wet kaya nga make sure dry. Ksi, mahihirapan mag brown/caramelized ang steak pag wet sya. Tatagal un meat sa pan, overcooked na, hindi mo pa achieve ung browness. Pag over cooked ang meat, matigas. Parang yung may utang sakin. Tigas ng mukha. 😂
On this steak, I didn’t put salt because this will be served on hot Himalayan salt plate.Tunog sosyal yung Himalayan Salt Plate no, pero don’t be deceived, nabili ko yan sa S&R na 50% off. Accident actually kasi ang hinahanap ko talaga that time, Himalayan salt kasi mag DIY ako ng body scrub. Sabi ni Google, Himalayan salt contains several minerals not found in regular salt. But that wasn’t the exact reason why I recommend using this on steak. Himalayan plate gives extra flavor to the meat without losing the meat’s moisture. Yun kasi ang nagpapasarap sa steak, kapag hindi dry. Mga momshies, wag i try sa Himalayan Lamp ha! Iba yun! 😜
3. Sear the steak on iron cast pan for about 4-5 mins (each side).
or until the bottom has caramelized or has that beautiful golden brown color. Hindi sa pagiging racist pero wag black. Brown, for pavor! Mapait pag black na. At alam naman natin na sa buhay ngayon,
Mahirap maging bitter.
My kids love it when I cook it with unsalted butter and garlic.  Pero pwede din naman wala.
Reminder: Wag din makulit sa pagluluto. Yung toss and turn peg. Mahihilo ang baka. Kalma lang for few mins, then pag brown na, kabilang side naman.
4. Rest the meat for 5mins before serving.
Pag luto na, hanguin but wait there’s more! Wag excited na slice agad kasi lalabas lahat ng juice ng meat. Sayang, yun pa naman ung masarap. So, let it rest muna. Resting the steak gives time for the juices to redistribute throughout, so your steak is nice and juicy.
5. Serve with your favourite sidedish.
You can choose from corn, or mushroom, or grilled veggies, mashed potatoes or isang kalderong kanin then
Tapos. Period. Bilis diba?!
Happy Friday!

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