Remembering Notre-Dame Cathedral (Our Lady of Paris)

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April 16, 2019
Woke up to the news that Notre Dame is on fire. I was shocked for a moment. Skeptic. Could it be a fake news?! But I was reading BBC News online.
I searched on Google and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the flames on video slowly destroying the 850 year old icon of French Nation. And the moment the spire fell, that’s when I complete lost it. My heart collapsed too.

I’ve been in the cathedral only once, 2 years ago. And my heart is already breaking at the sight of the history turning into ashes. What more of the Parisians? Unfathomable. This is Tragic. Heartbreaking. No words.

Could this be an act of terrorism? Or religious revolt?! What on earth happened?! No reason yet has been disclosed. But the officials accdg to the news link the recent renovation to the blaze. 😦
May 2017.

Notre-Dame Cathedral was the very first place we visited in Paris. The Euro-tour was our 16th bday gift to our eldest daughter. Right after we checked in to the hotel, not minding the jet-lag from a 16hr flight, we went straight to the cathedral. We were so excited to see this, more than the Eiffel actually. More than being religious, my love for history and fascination for human talent made me felt privileged for being able to attend a mass in this cathedral, though I don’t speak French, the sound of it is overwhelming. It was a mystical experience.

After the mass, we stayed outside for photo ops or what I call cultural and aesthetic appreciation. I fell in love with the church. I got a lot of photos taken outside Notre Dame than on Eiffel and Louvre combined. I will update this blog and promise to post more. It’s still in my hard drive. Kept it safe for moments like this. Don’t get me wrong. I never hoped for anything tragic to happen, all I was saying is, this is how important photos are for me when travelling. Aside from capturing memories, you get to save a glance of history, too.

The future.

I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something about the cathedral that makes you want to stay. It is just so beautiful. I know nothing about architecture but it surely defines French level of discipline. The cathedral indeed speaks history, religion, majesty, art and makes you feel grateful to people who made this and kept it safe for the future generation to see.

Hence it is devastating to see it now in flames. But praying for the cathedral’s restoration. 🙏 Our grandchildren also deserve to witness something as magnificent as the cathedral. We need to save history. Art. Human expression. Quasimodo. Our faith.
Let’s pray with the French, together we hope that the Church lives on, and that the faith of many that have been lost may be resurrected.
My thoughts and prayers are also with the firefighters tackling the frightful flames, and all those in France for whom Notre Dame is a integral part of the French nation.

And for all who worship there, hearts all over the world are with you,

Notre Dame, prie pour nous.

Our Lady, pray for us.
Photos in B&W around the cathedral.

Vive la Notre Dame.

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