Have you seen Game of Thrones yet?!


It’s okay darling, I haven’t seen any of Probinsyano and Halik, too. Not one single episode. And I still feel normal. And I don’t hold it against those who love it. Because at the end of the day, I ain’t the one paying their electric bills.

There’s nothing wrong with this statement some would say because if you read it, one is just stating a fact; one’s reality. But what makes this wrong is when it sounds like a humble brag. When the intent to belittle someone is as loud as imposing how she lives her life productively. That makes this statement wrong in a certain level, my friend.

I am not offended just because I’m a GOT fan, but it’s how people attack people now a days by the choices they make. We fought for freedom yet we can’t be liberal about our choices. We use our right to speak to scrutinise others because of their color, gender, taste preference. What about respect? Compassion?

Nothing in the world gives one the authority to make others feel inferior by the choices they make because there will always be something in them that you might don’t have or you might can’t afford. As everything in Earth is a matter of twists and turns. And we humans have ups and downs. Life is short for everything to last. We are all temporal.

You can compare all you want. But do not impose. Or try to step on other people just because you think you’re more successful, or you’re a lot happier or you have better judgements.

Let me share with you what I have learned from my Philosophy subjects when I was in college;

    Success is just a state of mind.
    There is no such thing as absolute happiness.
    Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind, says Kant.
    Everything is subjective.
    Know thyself
    Pornography is not an art.
    No ID No Entry

A fitting reflection for Holy Week.


I haven’t seen the S8Ep1 yet. And here, I still feel normal.

5 comments on “Have you seen Game of Thrones yet?!”

  1. “The universe looks one way to humans, another way to eagles and yet another way to cats.”
    This says only that the universe is perceived differently by different subjects. This does not say that there is no reality-in-itself which is perceived differently by different subjects.

    Kant says that there is a reality in itself which is different from humanly perceived reality, and this reality in it self is not subjective.


    1. No matter how real Kant’s reality is, it is different to mine and to yours and to others. How we perceive things varry accdg to our own experiences. No experience is the same. Every experience is unique in itself. Perhaps, that’s the only thing we share in common, our differences.


    1. Let me borrow one of your posts as an example,

      “The universe looks one way to humans,  another way to eagles  and yet another way to cats.”


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