Friday Baby Back Ribs

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We call this Friday Baby Back ribs. No, not because this is Friday’s baby back rib wanna-be, but because this will be marinated at a maximum of 5 days and will be cooked on Friday. Why on Friday? I don’t know. Hahaha. Perhaps because Sinigang, Pochero, and Chopseuy are on our priorities.

Do you also marinate for days, hot mommas?If you have plans to do so, you might wanna check these foodsafe tips to avoid bacterial contamination and spoilage on your marinade.

  1. You can store marinated poultry in your refrigerator for 2 days. Beef, veal, pork, and lamb roasts, chops, and steaks may be marinated up to 5 days.
  2. No salt. Okay, just few. Salt draws out moisture. You know that no matter how delicious a steak or chicken is, if it is dry, it’s a major turn off. So to be sure, add salt instead when it’s time to cook the marinated meat.
  3. Only food grade plastic or glass container when marinating your meat. NO TO METAL CONTAINERS specially when you have acidic ingredients in your recipe like wine, yogurt, vinegar, lemon or calamansi. Acids in the marinade will react to the metal which can affect the flavor and texture of the meat. You can always skip to add acidic ingredients but remember, these ingredients act as a tenderizer and is needed for proper infusion of flavor to the meat.
  4. You can store the marinated meat in your freezer, if you want to keep it longer but never freeze the meat with the marinade. Longer storage time means longer exposure of meat to the acid ingredients. Mushy mushy, eeeew!


Hinalo halo ko Lang un sandamakmak na dried herbs (don’t skip Dill and Cumin powder!) na binili ni jowa plus olive oil and red wine. Rub it on the meat and presto, yun na yun! Haha!

You can bake, grill or roast these ribs. Rub it with salt and pepper then your favorite bbq sauce or you can make your own sauce. Google is the key this time. Not PM. Okay?!

Happy cooking!

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