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Naniniwala ba kayo sa suob?

There’s a message circulating advising people to go back to basic and use steam inhalation (hot water and salt) to fight colds or if you start to feel symptoms of Covid19.

Steam bath or suob in Tagalog is considered as a ritual done after giving birth. Our lolas and the kumadronas and albularyos believe that with this process, it helps drive away elements of illnesses which we call “lamig” by boiling a concoction of herbs and flowers. The vapor is believed to help increase blood circulation, fat metabolism and boosts detoxification. I once laughed and felt skeptic at this belief but this ritual have saved me many times to mention. Shout out to my Lola Patring!

I still do the suob whenever I feel tired and my muscles ache, or we feel down under the weather, or whenever I have severe rhinitis attack and bless the people who made this steam sauna available in the market that made things easy and look a little modernized. Bless the people behind the production of essential oils so I don’t need to pick flowers and leaves like sambong and oregano to put on my steam. 🥴

But friends, though this ritual or practice may be effective to us, it may not be to some. Know that our bodies have different ways to cope up with sickness. Paying a visit to the doctor is always a must. Especially now that we are facing a greater health risk.

So when you feel like you have been infected, evaluate and know what your body says. Do not self medicate cause it may worsen the situation and may put your life and your loved ones to danger. It is okay to try new things or go back to what we used to do but pls, be sure you are doing it right.


Stay healthy people! We can win this fight!

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