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If the mind isn’t stable, the body is bound to collapse. In this time of uncertainties, what we need is a Political Stability. But first, we must have a thinking leader.

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In a country where insurgency is affecting political and economic stability, where the disease of corruption is endemic and where abject poverty is deepening, the answer lies in the formation of a genuine national government. The expectation is that the best in the country should be able to tackle effectively the cancer eating terribly into the country`s soul and body.

It is a pity that in this country, irrespective of the social class or education of the past leaders, no single one has been able to live a permanent political or economic philosophy behind. The leaders of the past were what could be described as ‘enlightened despots` or benevolent and charismatic personalities.

We have to establish for once and for all our own Political PHILOSOPHY.

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