White Fusion

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It was a goal last year to build a living wall (plant backdrop) and today I can say that it has finally come full circle. Yay!! It’s nothing fancy but a combo of turtle vines, wandering dew, pothos and months of watering.

Another dream came true after another, I also now have a Calathea White Fusion, after a year of hesitation and self doubt, the queen of the prayer plants, the diva of all is now on my collection. And what a way to flaunt its beauty but to have a photo taken with my living wall.

Calathea White Fusion

I have so much love for Calatheas, it never fail to fascinate me; from its vivid undersides, to the work of art like foliage. They have a reputation to be the diva plant but believe me, speaking from a year of experience (Kala mo expert?!) once you get to learn to truly love and care for them, love keeps coming back.

I never thought I could be this patient and nurturing till I started taking care of these finicky plants. Too challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling. The kind of love that builds you up and helps you grow as a person.

Love begets love, indeed.

At this point, I now have 20 varieties of Calathea and they are all equally beautiful in my plantmomma eyes. 🥰

I ofcourse have a favorite but I won’t tell. ✌🏼😂 But can you guess what it is?!

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