Don’t Forget Me 

Here’s a song made by my daughter (and a friend who helped her out edit the lyrics) who has just turned 13 years old a week ago. 13 and she can already compose songs. This is actually the 3rd original songs she has on her pocket. She has also another beautiful song she collaborated with 2 friends from school that we’re all excited to share but we’re not allowed to yet. Patience, Mommy!

This song is entitled Don’t Forget Me.  Medyo parang may hugot at kirot. Hehe. I attached the video taken from my phone (lang!) then mabilisan edit (iMovie) kasi sobrang excited ma share eh. Pardon my being a proud mom and a huge fan!  😍

We’ll make music videos soon. 🙂

 Don'T Forget Me by Ashana 

Standing here.Waiting 

Holding on, I can't move on
I'll see you there, With a solemn stare
We're growing old but it's alright 
I'll hold you in my arms tonight 
Oh please, don't forget me
All of our memories 
Scattering in the summer breeze
Along with the pieces of me
Right here, I plead
Don't let our hearts bleed
Don't forget me

Someway away your thoughts are wandering
To the past, present, future that's gleaming
How you leave it all behind and just live on being blind

Holding back your tears
Holding back your fears
For now, let's sing
The song that reminds me of you, and you and me
Right here, we plead
On this night don't let all the stars sleep
Don't forget me 
This song that reminds of you, 
And you and me