Chapter 1: Maniwala Ka Kay AnnaMaldita

When someone says wrong about you, I learned that it has to be stopped right away no matter what it takes. You have to respect yourself you must not let these people destroy you or not even allow them to know that you know they are conspiring for your destruction. You can’t just allow people watch you watching them and do nothing. Huwag kang umasa nalang sa resbak ni KARMA. Sa dami ng taong sisingilin ni Karma, mamumuti ang mata mo kakaantay.

Inspirational Talk (daw!)

Life is not just about learning how to read and write, Kids. Life is also about learning how to make things big no matter how small you are. You are all like Judy, You are maybe young and little, but you are all capable of making great things. Today, you are not just graduates. you are all survivors. You survived days in school without mom or dad at your side, you are able to memorize long poems and songs by yourselves, you missed episodes of your favorite cartoon show because you needed to finish your homework. You spent months learning new skills without complains. Thank You kids for your hardwork. You are now one step ahead in helping to build a brighter future.