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On Restart and Reset and Our Value System

Bible says God forgives (Psalm 86:5). He gives 2nd chance if you repent. He even told Peter to forgive not 7 times but 77 times (Matthew 18:21-22). It may be more but I think it is safe to only give what we can take in. I can forgive 77 people at once but not one person 77 times. I take chances but I hardly give 2nd chance to people who screw up unless they have proven they deserve it. Oftentimes I think, some people just use this “a-chance-to-re start” principle to justify the mess up and why they’re refusing to grow up.

No this isn’t about forgiveness. This is about what we should do so we don’t need to ask for multiple forgiveness or chances or a re start with people or reset in life.

Why I don’t brag about my kids academic achievements.

It’s okay to want your children to be successful but don’t let success be a substitute for their values. It’s easy to show off about caliber but what’s really important is their character. I know so many people who have skills, strengths and qualifications but struggle to build a meaningful relationships, bonds or get through tough time.